Product people for
Productive teams

Having setup and lead highly productive teams of our own, we can spot properly skilled
people with the right attitude and place them in your product, team and organization.
Take advantage of our product professionals network; staff your team and boost your product’s performance.

Don't know what to do?

Are you confused on whether you should hire someone internally, outsource the project or use an experienced contractor?

Are you looking for someone focused more on Product Development, Product Management or Product Marketing?

Do you need a junior, mid-senior or experienced profile to optimally cover the position’s and team’s needs?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you assess your current team setup and your product needs. We  consult and design best solutions for short and long term and you decide what’s best for your product and teams.

Help me decide
Why Choose Us

We have a network of passionate product professionals, from various industries and territories of Product Management.
Gear up your product’s success with Pivodo’s staffing services.

Long and hands on product experience

Long experience and high exposure in all aspects of Product Management  and organizational scales.

Covering all aspects of product lifecycle

From insight, to delivery, launch and optimization; we provide you with people covering all of your product needs.

Agile by heart; focusing on value delivery

Flexible on pricing and working schemes. Top of our interest is in delivering valuable products to you and your customers.

Product team setup and integration services

We help you design product team roles based on your product needs and budget.
We find people for you and help them integrate in your existing or new teams by coaching individuals and teams.

How we do it?

We design and map team functions and optimize operations based on team scale and product needs. We highlight roles and responsibilities and help staff your team with top perfoming people.