Product professionals ready to ramp up your team

Increase your Product team’s capacity by adding Pivodo people.
We have experience in every step of product lifecycle and we have work with various organizations scales.
We can augment or supplement product functions in need.

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Increase capacity while adding value

Is your product getting peakloads of work that your team’s cannot cope with? Is your product team’s life hectic?
Augment your product team’s capacity with Pivodos staff augmentation service. Get high quality work delivered fast whenever only when it’s needed.

If you prefer to hire an additional Product manager, Product Owner or Marketeer you should check our hiring services to get high spot on, high quality candidates.

Product team augmentation

Just for you

Highly condifential and dedicated resources focusing only on your product’s success.

Full speed ahead

Beat competition, get fast results by launching products with short times to market.

Smart choice

Pay only when you need to. Don’t burden your product and organization with fixed salary costs.

Product Staff augmentation
What do you get

Our Product staff augmentation includes the following activies on the are work the resource will work:

  • Product development: ecedelivering product with development teams
  • Product Management: from strategic to daily activities
  • Product Marketing: product lauches and expansions to desired markets
  • Product strategy: designing and executing the product strategy
  • Product operations: improving¬† tactical activities and product processes.

Do you want to setup your Product team or hire more resources? We can also do that for you!
Do not hesitate to drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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