Product recruitment you can't beat!

We have been working in product positions ourselves. We have been hiring people and staffing teams for over a decade and
can get you the best profile match for your product position needs.

Hands on Product position recruitment

Since we’ve staffed Product positions in tha past we sure understand and know the Product position roles by hand. We have been creating a database of product proffesionals and scanning profiles based on areas of expertise and personal aspirations. Our goal is to to ensure the best matching of profile, position and organization so as to create strong bondings between employees and the products they’re working on.

Design the best position for your product

If you’re not sure about the role and responsibilities of the position you’re creating,
or if you’re looking¬† setting up a product team we can surely help you with that!

Help me decide
Pivodo's Recruitment services

In depth understanding

Of roles, responsibilities, dynamics and product team setup.

Enhanced screening

With hands on questions and real life product examples.

Product network

Access to a network of product professionals of various levels.

Smart pricing

We’ve created a smart for different scales and forms of organizations.

Recruitment services
What do you get

Our recruitment services includes:

  • Access to our product professional network
  • First round interviews with candidates and screening
  • Profile summaries for each candidate enhanced with hard and soft skills
  • Participation in meetings as a facilitator between employers and potential candidates
  • Preparation of offers and contract negotiations with candidates (if needed)

Additional services

If all the above sound interesting contact us to find out more!

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