Balance all of your Product challenges

Pivodo’s Product Manager training exposes participants to theoretical and tactical activities of Product Management.
Starting from concepts & principles and deep diving to techniques.

Excel in product management

Behind every great product or service lies a skilled and focused Product Manager.
Weather you are dreaming of a Product management position, have just started or have some working experience in products, getting a 360 view of all aspects and challenges will help you excel in your role.
Let’s discuss about public or private trainings for you or product teams and gear up your product career.

Duration and Prerequisites

 2-day course, Understanding of Product Management and working experience in Product positions.

Who should attend

People that want to get involved or are involved inProduct Management,
Product and Business Owners

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Product Management training
Topics covered


Touchbase with the product management basics and terminology.

Product lifecycle

Full view of all the staged of product management; from insight to launch.

Products & services

Understanding similarities and differences between products & services.

Taking decisions

How to make the sustainable and optimal product decisions.

Planning & Tools

Set goals, plan and execute product plans.

Marketing mix

The right marketing mix and KPIs to measure and optimize.

Product position

Segment your audience, target and positiong your product/service.

Value creation

Deliver value to your target market, measure and adapt.

Training package
What's included

Our training package includes:

  • Delivered Product Management training
  • A public Q&A session plus a two hour private session with each participant
  • Printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course
  • The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge: ProdBOK(R) Guide (hard copy)
  • Light lunch and snacks for participants

Get the Product Management training sheet today and find out more about our training.

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