Learn and grasp the Product Management ground rules

Learn the concepts, understand the role and position of Product managers in an organization.
Get an overview of the daily activities and strategic initiatives of the a product position.
Understand the differences of Product Development and Product Ownership, Product Management and Product marketing and select the best for your next career step.

Get the essense of Product Management

Understand the importance of Product Management roles in companies and why it is necessary. Get a 360 view of the role in the Product Lifecycle. Understand Product Management processes and how they relate to other company functions. Visualise of the strategic, tactical and everyday activities of a Product Management position in various scale of organizations.

Duration and Prerequisites

1-day intensive course without prerequisites

Who should attend

People interested in understanding Product Management, Business Owners,
hiring managers for product positions.

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Product Management training
Topics covered


Overview of Product management in an organization.

Role overview

Roles and responsibilities depending on scale of organization.

Conception & insights

Learn to capture insights and conceive opportunities.

Market assesment

How to research your market and assess competition.

Pricing your Product

Understand the power of pricing and underlying strategies.

Marketing strategies

Effectively select and plan your product’s marketing strategy.


Build your short and long term plan with respective requirements.

End of life

Setup metrics to understand when to harvest your product.

Training package
What's included

Our training package includes:

  • Delivered Introduction to Product Management training
  • A public Q&A session plus a two hour private session with each participant
  • Printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course
  • The Guide to the Product Management and Marketing Body of Knowledge: ProdBOK(R) Guide (hard copy)
  • Light lunch and snacks for participants

Get the Introduction to Product Management training sheet today and find out more about our training.

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