Get of your comfort thinking zone!

Innovation is a both a process and an outcome.
Our workshops facilitate ideation and at the same time transfer knowledge so the organization
learns how to facilitate innovation on its own.

Albert Einstein
Imagination is more important than knowledge

The best solution accompany well defined problems. Use innovation workshops to understand and capture unarticulated customer needs, to optimally redefine problems and improve decision making.

The innovation workshops come in various lengths and flavours. From one day workshops on specific tools, to three days ideation-innovation workshops and five day design sprints.

Gear up your teams thinking and product development by adopting the tools and processes. Learn how to empathize, design, prototype and test your ideas before they hit the market.

Why you should try it

Start thinking

Think out of the box and start delivering definite solutions

Data driven

Formulate your opinion based on true customer data not intuitions

Deep dive to problems

Learn how to diverge, emerge and converge to problem’s solutions.

Unlock team thinking

Enhance and boost your team’s problem solving capabilities

Innovation and design workshops
Great companies don't follow their insticts

Acquire smartly and on a lightweight process customer data. Immerse, observe and engage with your target customers and learn how to understand what customers need not what customers say that they “want”. Learn how to transform empathy to ideas that solve real problems.

Innovation workshopx
What's included

Our workshops include:

  • Workshop design based on customer’s scope and goals
  • Delivered innovation workshop
  • Collateral personnel (if needed) to ensure workshops’ success
  • Printed copies of the process

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