Your products and teams need Product experience and leadership

Take advantage of Pivodo’s Chief Product Officer services and sit back knowing that your products are in good hands.
We work with executives, Product Managers, Product Development and Marketing departments and make sure your products are rumping up.

Part time Chief Product Officer is your solution

You need someone to expertly oversee and manage your company’s product portfolio and make sure that everyday operations are aligned with product strategy. You would love to have a Chief Product Officer (CPO) on staff, but you just don’t have the budget. Why not get one part-time?

Planning to hire a Chief Product Officer?
Why not use Pivodo’s hiring services or use us as an interim CPO?

Chief Product Officer

No fixed costs

Try Pivodo’s Product leadership for as long as you want.

Overal control

Increase product’s success by having an overall control of your products.

Product Success

Ensure your product’s success by investing on or harvesting based on product performance.

Chief Product Officer
What is included

Chief Product Officer (part time) position includes the following indicative activities:

  • Assesment of product portfolio strategy and execution
  • Active participation in formulating product strategy
  • Leading the team of Product Managers, Product Owners and Marketeers
  • Setup and monitor product success across organization’s product line

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