Passionate product professionals

Pivodo shares a network of proven product professionals that aim at helping individuals, teams and organizations to turn their products into growth engines. We train, coach and help in the execution of Product Management and Product Marketing best practices.

Pivodo‘s team exhibits a blend of balanced creativity and process driven product work. With continuous optimization in our DNA we always focus in improving the people and teams behind the product idea.

Why work with us

Our passion for product development, management and marketing are hard to meet.
Our training, staffing and coaching services support your team and product in all aspects of  the product lifecycle.

Product creativity

We will always find a solution for your product’s challenges. We will support you from the ideation of the solution to its excecution.

Agile at heart

We will deliver maximum value with minimum effort. We adopt empiricism and continuous improvement in whatever we do.

Results driven

Targeting for results, we monitor success and failure so as to repeat the first and avoid the second.

Get to know us!

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you with your product. We love hearing about challenges and even more tackling them.

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  • 28is Oktovriou 4, Vrilissia, 152 35, Greece