Setup the best team for your product

A team is made of people that share the same vision, feel the same level of ownership
and commitment for the product they’re working on. We help you staff and set up the team to work in an optimal way.

What it takes

A mixture of skillsets, proper roles and responsibilities,
team structure and collaboration, and attitude.

  • 30%


  • 30%


  • 40%


Optimize the team work and get better results

Value and respect the teams beneath the products and let Pivodo optimize their work. We help organizations to understand the necessary product roles and how they touchbase with other company functions. We design the respective positions and responsibilities and help individuals to integrate into the roles alongside with respective metrics so as to mesure success and failure and suggest improvement.

Team types

Product development, product management and marketing teams, Product teams
that operate under high pressure to deliver high value in short delivery times.

How we do it

By following a simple stepped process.


Overview of Product and team needs and existing Product management functions in organization.

Role design

Design roles with respective responsibilities based on product needs and organization scale.

Role Integration

Assisting team members, teams and organizations in understanding and executing new roles.

Monitor & adjust

Setup KPIs to monitor team and individual success and failure and adjust if needed.

Product team setup
What do you get

Our Product team setup includes:

  • Interviews with team and key persons in organization
  • Assesment of current roles and processes with respect to product needs
  • Suggestions and design of Product roles and processes and respective KPIs
  • Presentations to the organization
  • Staffing or augmenting personnel if current team is insufficient
  • Coaching on executing roles if team needs it
  • Assisting and monitoring the integration of new roles to existing teams

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