Spot your crowd; market your product effectively

Learn how to effectively extract customer insights and market trends.
Create demand for your products and services in your target marketplace. Build personnas and the greatest communication platforms
to lauch your product succesfully.

Boost your product's performance and growth

Learn how to¬†effectively assess competition and how to listen and evaluate customer feedback. Segment and target your audience and create a breath taking communication platform for your products. Communicate effectively with your audience by selecting the right marketing channels. Product marketing training will help you understand the importance of customer touchpoints and how to master your customers’s expectations, experience and value.

Duration and Prerequisites

2-day course, Understanding of Product Marketing and Product Managment,
working experience in Product positions.

Who should attend

Product Marketing Managers, Marketeers interested in deep diving to products, Product managers
and Business Owners

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Product Management training
Topics covered

Insight extraction

Understand customer insights; how to find them and what to do.

Business opportunities

Converting insights and trends into business opportunities.

Market assesment

Assess target markets & competition and spot customer trends.

Strategic planning

Create marketing plans and monitor budget and execution.

Campaigns & Deliverables

Manage and document necessary information and actions.

Acquisition & Revenue

Get a hold on customer traffic and conversions.

Strategic planning

Build marketing strategies throughout your Product’s Lifecycle.

Products and Services

Understanding similarities and differences between products & services.

Training package
What's included

Our training package includes:

  • Delivered Product Marketing training
  • A public Q&A session plus a two hour private session with each participant
  • Printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course
  • Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want (hard copy)
  • Light lunch and snacks for participants

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