Optimize Product Management in Agile envirnoments

Combine Product Ownership with Product Management and get the best value for your product.
Learn, understand and adapt your product needs and optmize your work using all the latest methodologies and tools.

Increase value while maximize the work NOT done

In contrast with all Product Ownership courses that teach how to be a Scrum Product Owner, this training teaches you how to integrate and combine product management withing your agile framework. Full of real life Product ownership techniques for various stages of your product and examples on how to pump up your product and team. Whether you’re wearing the hat of Product Owner or need to cooperate with product development, Agile product management training is what you need to succeed in succesfully delivering a product with value.

Duration and Prerequisites

2-day course, Understanding of Product Management and Agile frameworks,
working experience in Product positions.

Who should attend

Product Owners, Product Managers, people that are involved into Agile transformation,
Product Marketeers and Business Owners

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Product Management training
Topics covered

Agile Foundations

Understand concepts, roles and terminology from Scrum, XP and Lean.

Product Vision

Learn how to create, adapt and share your product’s vision.

Minimum and Viable

Deliver a lovable product with as less effort as it gets.

Release management

Plan, manage and adapt your releases with empiricism.

Story mapping

Correctly segment your product’s features into user stories.


Understand how to prioritize based on business impact.

Agile documentation

Evolve feature specifications to valuable lightweight documents.

Role & Stakeholders

Succesfully influence stakeholders and lead your product.

Training package
What's included

Our training package includes:

  • Delivered Agile Product Management training
  • A public Q&A session plus a two hour private session with each participant
  • Printed copies of all materials and slides used in the course
  • Agile Excellence for Product Managers Book (hard copy)
  • Light lunch and snacks for participants

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